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Little Man Happy Autumn Winter 2023 Collection

Creepin’ it real with new fits for your little monsters (

Little Man Happy AW23 at Design Life Kids

The Brand Behind The Looks

Little Man Happy is a modern and organic kids’ clothing brand based in Berlin. The label creates a unique collection of gender-neutral clothes that are adventurous, fun, stylish and creative. They are all about easy to wear basics, making life so much simpler. Along with this, the prints and designs are true originals, displayed in their topic-dominated collections. Ivonne Budimir, the designer, is the heart and soul of #LittleManHappy. After her education in 2004, she worked for various high fashion labels in design. Her husband, Sven, has several years of experience in the interior industry. After meeting, they quickly formed the idea to combine both understandings of design, lifestyle, and inspiration to form what is now called Little Man Happy. And don’t let the name fool you – these clothes are designed for boys and girls alike.      

Have you ever wondered why your children are still tired after a good night's sleep and hardly get out of bed? We’d like to introduce you to the secret world of the midnight hour, where each and every night children wake up and climb out of their beds. This world is not visible to everyone, only the very special, truly humble kids can see the mysterious things and wonders that are hidden to others. This collection is inspired by the world of hilarious, spooky adventures full of genuine scares and belly laughs. It has easy to wear pieces with their signature, bold designs, a broad mix of clever and mischievous styles, each and every piece carefully designed for year-round wardrobes. 

DLK is stoked for their upcoming collection and has been one of LMH’s longest international stockists. It’s clear to see the brand’s evolution in yet another epic collection and recognition worldwide yet they continue to keep their values in quality and standards.

Fall/Winter Outfit Inspo

Little Man Happy Iconic Faux Fur Vest and Leopard Leg Jogging Pants at Design Life Kids

Iconic Faux Fur Vest, Leopard Leg Jogging Pants

Little Man Happy Unicorn Sweatshirt at Design Life Kids

Unicorn Sweatshirt

Little Man Happy AW23 at Design Life Kids

[Left to right]: Looky Lookie Beanie, Arrghhh Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Not of this Earth Tie Dye Jogging Pants, Bad Mood Sweatshirt, Heart Straight Leg Jogging Pants

Little Man Happy Ghosts Sweatshirt at Design Life Kids

    Ghosts Sweatshirt

Little Man Happy Spider Long Sleeve T-Shirt at Design Life Kids

  Spider Long Sleeve T-Shirt

These pieces have us so excited for spooky season! Which fits can you see your little monster rocking?

Why We Love Little Man Happy 

Our team at Design Life Kids carefully curates beautiful fashion for the modern, aesthetic loving family with brands such as Little Man Happy. Little Man Happy creates high-quality kid’s clothing with organic cotton and eco-friendly materials, while known for their striking prints and unique detailing. We love that the brand delivers high quality, sustainable styles that are meant to be passed down from one generation (or from one sibling) to the next. Together with Little Man Happy, we understand that your kid’s clothing is an investment, to provide long lasting and durable wear for them to have fun in. 

Get on top of the Fall and Winter seasons with Little Man Happy’s AW23 Meet Me At Midnight Collection. Our DLK curated Little Man Happy AW23 collection includes spiders, crows, ghosts, unicorns, and more - all creatures found in the midnight hour!

Share your favorites and tag us on Instagram using @designlifekids and #designlifekids.  

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