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Bobo Choses Up Is Down Adults AW23 Collection

Let your style shine in this imaginative world with these new hot fits. (

Adults Plaid Check Shirt Dress at Design Life Kids.

About Bobo Choses

Bobo Choses isn’t just for kids. They also create clothing and accessories for men and women around the world. For those who want to enjoy their lives, have fun, and break away from the colorless monster of routine. At #BoboChoses, the team works in a former toy factory (how cool would that be?!) two blocks away from the Mediterranean Sea, learning from their local manufacturers’ know-how. Everyone embraces their inner kid; acting seriously funny and caring for the world and everything that is a part of it. I mean we were all children once... That’s why everyone can relate to Bobo Choses’ DNA: play, curiosity, innocence, nonsense, creativity, imagination, and sense of humor! 

Designed for women and men who are not afraid of embracing their inner child, each clothing collection tells an inspiring story of its own, which comes to life through bold colors, fun prints, and comfortable garment shapes. Yes… you heard that right. Comfortable, fun, and stylish. Say no more… you don’t have to tell us twice!

Adriana Esperalba - Founder and Creative Director of Bobo Choses.

Adriana Esperalba - Founder and Creative Director of Bobo Choses

How Did It All Start?

After working six years as a graphic designer in an advertising agency in Barcelona, Adriana Esperalba decided she wanted to work for herself. She and her friend founded their own graphic design studio in 2005. Two years later, with the arrival of her child, Adriana struggled to find any kid’s clothing she truly loved.

She had always been (and still is) attracted to kid’s clothing because come on… they’re tiny and cute. Who doesn’t love miniature stuff for miniature people?

In 2008, after giving birth to her first child, Teo, and in the middle of the economic crisis, Adriana decided to design a mini collection for kids with her partner and a minimal budget. With time, patience, and teamwork, the brand evolved into what it is today, present in 50 countries worldwide through 900 stores (including DLK!).  

In a recent interview with Design Hunger, Adriana was asked about her favorite part of the process of running Bobo Choses. She recalled:

I look back on those early days with great affection and nostalgia. I vividly recall traveling to Playtime Paris to present our first collection. It was freezing, and we stayed in a tiny apartment where my brother was staying at the time. 

Taking our first orders and gaining new clients was cause for celebration. It’s been wonderful to see this project grow and become more like a family. The team we’ve built is incredible, and I couldn’t be prouder.” 

Behind the scenes look at the Bobo Choses’ workspace.

Behind the scenes look at the Bobo Choses’ workspace.

When asked what her favorite thing to do to have fun is, she said: 

“One of my favorite things to do is meet up with my childhood friends. We usually have lunch or do some activity together, and it’s always a blast. We end up laughing until our stomachs hurt, and it’s a great way to reconnect and make new memories.” 

We love that she still manages to make time for those who have been with her since the beginning, despite her very busy schedule. Adriana is always up for new adventures and is very grateful for the opportunity to continue to grow and learn together with her team. 

Every collection has a unique concept they work hard to bring to life, so it’s tough to pick a favorite. 

We’ll let you be the judge of this new DLK curated collection: 

Bobo Choses Up Is Down Adults AW23 Collection

The world can be designed, invented, and reinvented. And it is pretty clear that our current world could be put under review. Imagination can change the world for the better. The new Autumn Winter 2023 collection by Bobo Choses, Up is Down, features a fun, imaginary upside-down world where some crazy things may not seem so outlandish compared to our current world. There are many worlds, all of which exist within ours. None of them are impossible. Who among you dreams of an Up-is-down world?

Here to defy conventions… every piece reflects the unexpected charm of the upside-down world. There’s clothing in classic form with unusual fabric combinations and trendy pieces to elevate your wardrobe for seasons to come. With modern prints, playful looks, and edgy ensembles, each item is effortless and fun. 

Bobo Choses Up Is Down AW23 Adult Collection at Design Life Kids.

Landscape Color Block Short Puffer

Embrace the abstract in the AW23 collection. Bobo Choses’ geometric prints and unique designs challenge the conventions of minimalist fashion. Are you ready to redefine style?

 Best Seller Predictions 

Adults Zipped Jumpsuit at Design Life Kids.

Adults Zipped Jumpsuit

Adults Check Flared Long Shirt Dress at Design Life Kids.

Adults Check Flared Long Shirt Dress

Landscape Color Block Short Puffer at Design Life Kids.

Landscape Color Block Short Puffer

My personal favorite is the Landscape Color Block Short Puffer because of its muted jewel and earth tones bringing in a minimalist take on bold color blocking. And here’s the coolest part… it can be converted into a vest, allowing you to wear it from one season to the next. We love a good versatile piece that can be mixed and matched with styles and seasons. Which outerwear piece will you be living in from this Autumn Winter collection? 

Why We Love Bobo Choses 

DLK always looks forward to curating a selection from each of Bobo Choses’ collections and we’re proud to see how they have transformed their brand and style in the fashion industry. Their pieces are versatile and cutting-edge, crafted with an assortment of high-quality, sustainable fabrics, bringing comfort, functionality, and style to your everyday life. Even in their Up Is Down world, their commitment to sustainability never wavers, which is something we take very seriously. We love showcasing brands that truly care about the planet and the impact of environmentally conscious practices. 

Discover early-season Winter pieces and the magic of a world where up is down and impossible is possible. The Bobo Choses Adults Fall Winter 2023 - Up is Down Collection is full of rad styles, giving a beautifully chic, modern, and effortless look. 

Share your favorites and tag on us Instagram using @designlifekids and #designlifekids.      

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