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A Coloring Book Story: The Adventures of Maya & Senna

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Maya and Senna are the daughters of DLK owner, Kim Wardell. These sweet girls lost their father in 2014 at the ages of 5 and 6 and this coloring book style story was created as a gift from their mother to help remind them to "find the beauty in every day". 

Each page was inspired by photographs of moments from real every day events and settings of the girls. Every once in a while you may catch a glimpse of their father, Scott where they say he watches over them every day, skateboarding and smiling up on the moon. 


*Proceeds will benefit Pennsylvania based programs for Grieving Children and Circle Camps.


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Includes 12 pages with 23 coloring pictures
Copyright / Owned by Design Life Kids, LLC
Illustrated by Nazarina Jose Powers


Read their story and share your own. Follow along on Instagram #mayaandsenna 
To learn more about Kim, Maya & Senna, click HERE and HERE


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