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Memory Locket Set

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$55.00 USD


If a geometric, minimalist look floats your boat, you’re in luck. This beautiful necklace boasts a modern geometric design and best of all it is designed to house a special photo or treasure close to your heart. It’s the perfect keepsake necklace for everyday wear. This Memory Locket is bound together by a twistable screw and delicate key combo that ensures treasures are kept safe. You can match your mood with a choice of three interchangeable acrylics and always be enchanted by your own precious tales of travel, love, family or adventures. Never has jewelry been so personal and versatile!

The Radiant set includes three interchangeable acrylic covers: Radiant/Iridescent, Smokey Black, Ice Blue Frost

The Blue set comes with three interchangeable acrylic covers: Royal Blue, Deep Blue Powder, Ice Blue Frost

9.8" Chain
3 Acrylic Half Moons
Brass and Gold plated