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Designs for Charity Lumo Lightbox

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$150.00 USD



A collaborative design between Design Life Kids and Stories in Structures for our "Design for Charity Collection". All proceeds from this item benefit camps for grieving children. 

The quote "find the beauty in every day" has been a mantra that DLK owner, Kim Wardell uses on a daily basis. It's a phrase that reminds us all that within each day, even the smallest thing can bring joy. A flower, the sound of a child laughing, watching a stranger smile... the breeze passing by on a Thursday. It's the little things some times that remind us, that there is always more.



Designed in Copenhagen. Stories in Structures is a Danish design studio, founded by MAA architect Eva Wandel and graphic designer Rikke Nogel. Their mission is to create stories in structures. We want to create timeless products that you can have with you throughout life and where beauty and sustainability meet.

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