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Happy Face Mask

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$20.00 USD


A kawaii cute reusable, washable and ULTRA SOFT fabric masks that are perfect for those essential trips out in public. Each mask is made of two layers of fabric with a filter pocket for added protection. Super comfy, slightly stretchy ear straps and a contoured pattern to fit well over the nose. 


95% Cotton / 5% Spandex facing
100% woven cotton liner
Filter pocket
Final Sale Item
Made in Los Angeles



Please note that these masks are not intended for medical professionals or to be used in a surgical setting. They are NOT a substitute for surgical or N95 masks. Face masks may be used when FDA cleared masks are unavailable. Fabric contains 100% cotton. Machine wash in hot water with color-safe bleach between each use. Please supervise children when wearing this mask and use at your own risk. Not safe for children under the age of 3.