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Why Sonny Angels Are All The Rage

Find the cutest emotional support dolls at DLK. (

Sonny Angel Vegetable Series at Design Life Kids

If you’re into collecting or just love cute things, you might have come across Sonny Angels – little angel boys who like wearing all sorts of headgear and staying by your side to make you smile. 

Sonny Angel dolls, created by talented Japanese toy designer Toru Soeya, have been on the market since 2005 (Kim’s daughters Maya and Senna used to collect them when they were younger!), but have become even more popular recently. On TikTok, #sonnyangel has amassed over 95 million views. American model, Bella Hadid posted a photo of a wall of Sonny Angels to her Instagram earlier this year (it’s pretty cool!). The little angel boys were even featured in The New York Times, earlier this year. Whether you are a passionate collector or simply interested in learning more about the figurines, we’ve got the low down. 

You’re probably wondering… why are these tiny dolls so popular? 

These dolls aren’t just for trading and collecting (although that is quite fun!). They’re also used as a tool for emotional support and provide healing moments in one’s everyday life. Part of the dolls’ charm is buyers aren’t entirely sure which doll they’ll get when they open the box. 

Each series regularly contains 12 different figures and many series contain secret designs and Sonny Angel’s friend, Robie, as a possibility to get in your box… making the blind unboxing an exciting surprise. There’s a comforting nostalgia attached to the toy. Nicole Arzt, LMFT, says that this sort of nostalgia could elicit a sense of comfort and safety: 

“The mystery effect is alluring, kind of like how previous generations hoped for a certain toy when opening a box of cereal or tucked in a kid's meal at a favorite fast-food place. With so much emphasis on nurturing the inner child these days, these items can help people reconnect with their younger selves, which can also be healing.”

Although Gen Z — the group predominantly sharing #sonnyangels videos on TikTok— are digitally well-connected, they still experience high rates of loneliness and isolation. The mental health crisis (something DLK is very passionate about!) among our youth is rising at an alarming rate, especially after the pandemic isolations and post pandemic burnout. These dolls provide many with a sense of relief or grounding, which can be calming during high stress moments. In addition, there are even Sonny Angel meetups, which can provide a sense of community and belonging. And they’re so fun! 

DLK loves being a part of the Sonny Angel community. We always look forward to collecting tiny angels from each series and sharing them with you… which is why we are SOOO pumped to announce our newest Sonny Angel dolls:   

Hippers Harvest Series

Sonny Angel Hippers Harvest Series at Design Life Kids

Sonny Angel Harvest Series — the second installment of the popular Hippers collection! In this series, Sonny Angel is wearing colorful fruit & veggie headgear and is climbing upwards in an adorable position! 

Oh my goodness! These little guys are so stinkin’ cute. You can enjoy decorating not only around smartphones and computers, but also around dining tables, kitchens, and even on flower pots so Sonny Angel can help your plants grow! 

Hippers can be attached to any flat surface with the adhered adhesive tape. You can also remove and attach the adhesive several times, which is great for on the go or indecisive collectors that don’t want to commit to a permanent place for their Sonny Angel Hipper to live. 

Animal Series 4 Doll

Sonny Angel Animal Series 4 at Design Life Kids

Sonny Angel Animal Series 4 — a must for all Sonny Angel collectors. From Calico Cat to Goat, these little animals are adorable! We seriously can’t get enough!

Fruit Series Doll 

Sonny Angel Fruit Series at Design Life Kids

Sonny Angel Fruit Series — the sweetest little guys around. Honestly… you can’t go wrong with any of them. They’re vibrant, unique, and simply stunning!

Vegetable Series Doll

Sonny Angel Vegetable Series at Design Life Kids

Sonny Angel Vegetable Series — nature’s finest tiny dolls. Currently obsessed with Corn and Cauliflower… but really, we need them all! 

Shop Sonny Angels

Looking for a Sonny Angel you can call your own? Our Sonny Angel Collection is full of the adorable pocket-sized figurines. Designed to be healing companions who bring happiness to their owners’ daily lives. 

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