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Turning 4





I began DLK as a replacement for our lifestyle blog, to fulfill a dream after my husband had passed away. As I look back I realize it was truly my way of seeking therapy. Looking for something or someone that I could let it all go to and no one would talk back or try to tell me what I was supposed to do. I just did.

It was something that I could pour my heart and soul into, could smile and cry into, could fill those insane sleepless nights with. I certainly thought it could be something one day, but I never imagined it would grow to this today. Thank you for that. For turning my dream, my therapy, into something tangible and gratifying.


And here we are 4 years later. Who are we?

We are a small company, family and friend run. We put our hands on every item we curate and we adore every designer we carry. 

I am Kim. A mother,  a sister a daughter, a bag under the eye carrying slightly OCD woman, a too many multi-tasking multi-tasker, a dreamer, a Kimball.


Thank you for four years of magic.











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