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The Ultimate Back-to-School Outfit Guide

We’ve got everything your kid needs to make a great first impression and take on the school year in major style. (

Pencils, lunch, backpack — check, check, and check. Now what about your kid’s outfit? Planning one's outfit is one of the best parts of going back to school. It can also be a little stressful when kids see all the cool new fits their friends and classmates are wearing. If your kid hasn’t figured out the perfect style for strutting down the school halls, now is the time to get on it. You want their look to stand out, but you also want them to be comfortable and feel like themselves in whatever they end up rocking. 

We’ve got you covered with curated selections from renowned brands such as Mini Rodini, Bobo Choses, Wrangler, Fresh Dinosaurs, and more. We hope you enjoy our back-to-school outfit guide as much as we did putting it together! Here’s our top looks to transform your kid’s back-to-school (and everyday) wardrobe:  

The Picture Perfect Prepster Look

Stars Jumper, Stripes Pleated Woven Skirt, Granny Smith Striped Socks, The Bandit, Stripe Sweatshirt, The 4 Elements Trousers, Tarifa Shirt, Logo Badger Dress, Millet Purse

These looks are so stinkin’ cute… making us nostalgic for that school-is-back-in-session excitement and the preppy dressing that goes along with it. From scholarly style staples like knit sweaters and pleated skirts to prep-school plaids, we have it all. We recommend pairing these outfits with loafers, platform boots, or retro sneakers for a more polished look. Now your kid is all set for picture day coming up! 

The Inner ‘90s Kid Look 

Dynamic Duo Choker Set, Ritzratz Embroidered Denim Jacket, Black Garden Lucrecia Dress, Big Flower Jacquard Bomber Jacket, Up Is Down Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Retro Flower All Over Skirt, RitzRatz Beanie, Dot Terry Tank, Bleached Denim Pocket Pants, Tail Sneaks Mini

Anyone here grow up in the ‘90s? What an iconic time. The show, Friends was still on air, lunchables were considered a perfectly acceptable, nutritious meal, and you probably rushed home from school to play on your #GameBoyColor. Whether you lived and breathed the Spice Girls or had pictures of Brad Pitt plastered on your bedroom wall, the 90’s were a decade for expressing yourself. It’s impossible to talk about how great the era was without paying homage to the fashion trends that were popular back then. From JNCO Jeans, mismatched layers, vintage florals, chokers, and more, many of those trends are having a moment now, too. We’re all about embracing our inner ‘90s kid and your kid can too with these new hip fits. 

The Baggy Jeans Oversized Tee Look

Rainbow T-Shirt, Tiny Stars Baggy Pant, Pink Tote Bag, Alien Oversize T-Shirt, Checker All Over Denim Pants, Rainbow Tote Bag, Mr. Birdie All Over T-Shirt, Baggy Denim Pants

We’re here for the baggy clothes trend! The modern casual aesthetic is comfy, stylish, and low-key. They’re fitted in the right places, with a looser, “stacked” finish — giving you the best of both worlds. Our oversize graphic tees and baggy jeans come in several prints and sizes, giving you a fun variety to mix and match to their personal style. One of my favorites is the Alien Oversize T-Shirt, which can also fit most adults (so you can match with your mini-me!).    

 The New Black & White Look

Panda Beanie, Cat Eyes Fluffy Socks, Hope Sunglasses, Faux Fur Puffer Jacket, Noodles Relaxed Fit Sweater, Basic Solid Sweatpants, Fearless Sweatshirt, Jumbo Black Claw Clip, Melting Hearts Sweatpants

Bold, bright, and colorful ensembles are undeniably great — but the effortless chic vibes that come with the combination of black and white are unmatched. The contrasting combination has been a favorite of every fashion enthusiast and will never go out of style. You can help your little one experiment without boundaries and find a look that fits their mood and taste (these colors are so versatile!).  

Shop Our Back-to-Schools Outfits 

We had so much fun putting together this outfit guide, which we hope is just as fun to draw inspiration from and wear during the school year (and beyond!). From preppy and ‘90s-inspired looks to baggy fits and monochrome, there are back-to-school trends to fit every kid’s style. Let us know what your favorites are and tag us on Instagram using @designlifekids and #designlifekids

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