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15 Unique Halloween Costumes for 2023

Creepin’ it real with costumes that truly are all that. (

Meri Meri, Sarah's Silks, and more Halloween costumes at Design Life Kids

Pumpkin spice season is officially here! We’re super excited for all things Fall— plaid fits, ankle boots, fires in the fireplace, lots of baking, color changing leaves, and people who dress up their dogs on Halloween. ESPECIALLY Halloween… one of our favorite days of the year! 

October 31st might still be weeks away, but it’ll be here before you know it. Picking a Halloween costume is one of the most exciting things you can do as a kid. It can be a bit stressful as there are so many options out there… your kid probably wants something really cool and unique. Something memorable. Not to worry, we’ve curated an extra special costume guide to inspire your little one this Halloween. From our lovely Angel Fairy costume to our super rad Bat Winged Onesie, your kid will be the best dressed trick-or-treater around! 

We hope you enjoy our 15 unique Halloween costumes:

Starry Knight Costume (New)

Sarah's Silks Starry Night Soft Play Set at Design Life Kids

Starry Night Soft Play Set

Starting off strong, the new knight costume is an admirable choice for boys and girls alike. This noble and respected role requires someone who is brave and faithful. The crown’s elastic back stretches to fit most head sizes. However, it can only be worn by the truest knights. You be the judge… does your kid have what it takes?

Fairy Princess Costume (New)

Sarah's Silks Fairy Princess Silk Dress Up Costume at Design Life Kids

Fairy Princess Silk Dress Up Costume Set

We’re not going to lie… we wish we could wake up every day and decide to be a fairy princess! This magical costume includes a princess hat and rainbow wings sewn to the back with easy to slip on wristbands. It is made with pure mulberry silk, giving only the finest for your royal highness. Your little princess can create their own fairytale and live happily ever after. 

Owl Costume (Trending)

Meri Meri Owl Costume at Design Life Kids

Owl Costume 

Our amazing owl costume is certainly something to hoot about! It’s beautifully designed and crafted with intricate fringing on the cape and headdress, and will allow for hours of trick-or-treating under the moonlight.

Mushroom Costume (Customer Favorite)

Meri Meri Mushroom Hat at Design Life Kids

Mushroom Hat

There’s so mushroom in our heart for this cute look. The sumptuous velvet mushroom hat will make any child look woodland wonderful. It’s so soft and comfortable to wear. Made from a rich red velvet top with white felt spots. Add on our Leaf Wings and mushroom plushies for the cutest woodland fairy look!

Dragon Costume (New)

Sarah's Silks Dragon Playsilk Dress Up Costume Set at Design Life Kids

Dragon Playsilk Dress Up Costume Set

Dragons have always been a popular costume choice and for good reasons. They’re fierce, majestic, and incredibly cool. Our young aspiring dragons learn who, where, or what they can become is limitless. This allows our costume pieces to grow with the creative needs of each child and provides them with many years of lasting play value.  

Angel Fairy Costume

Meri Meri Sequin Tulle Angel Costume at Design Life Kids

Sequin Tulle Angel Costume 

Transform your kids into beautiful angels with this delightful costume. It is perfect for plays, parties and dress up, for hours of imaginative fun. It features a gorgeous tulle sequined dress (with adjustable pink straps), removable wings, and a silver glitter star headband. So incredibly stunning! 

Ladybug Costume

Jack Be Nimble Ladybug Wings Costume at Design Life Kids

Ladybug Wings Costume

We didn’t choose the bug life… the bug life chose us. Our classic ladybug costume charms toddlers and children alike with cardinal colored wings, hand-painted spots and tulle under-wings. Each piece is handmade, making them one of a kind and super unique! 

Luna Moth Costume

Jack Be Nimble Luna Moth Costume at Design Life Kids

Luna Moth Costume

No dress trunk is complete without a luna moth costume! Made with beautiful sage green colored cotton and elegant quilted details, as well as carefully painted luminescent moth “eyes”. Not to mention, luna moths are quite rare… making them extra special! 

Monarch Butterfly Costume

Jack Be Nimble Monarch Butterfly Wings Costume at Design Life Kids

Monarch Butterfly Wings Costume 

These butterfly wings are sure to turn heads and spark little imaginations. Made with the softest orange cotton that has been meticulously hand-printed. It features adjustable straps to grow with your child (it even fits most adults!) and wrist bands helping them spread their wings. 

Butterfly Fairy Wings Costume (Trending)

Jack Be Nimble Butterfly Fairy Wings Costume at Design Life Kids

Butterfly Fairy Wings Costume

Our kids' fairy wings are the stuff of dreams, rainbows, and imaginative play! The unique ombre design gives them an ethereal effect, and makes them perfect for fairy dress up. These fairy wings are a fun, non toxic toy for fairy toddlers and children alike. Your kid will be the envy of the enchanted forest!

Shark Costume


Meri Meri Shark Costume at Design Life Kids

Shark Costume

Watch out, there's a shark about! If you have a little one who is fascinated with sea creatures, then our toothy shark dress up set is just the right gift for them. It features a lined shimmering metallic cape with a padded fin and tail and a fabulous hood with felt teeth details.

Firefly Costume (Trending)

Jack Be Nimble Firefly Costume at Design Life Kids

Firefly Costume

Light up your Halloween with our magical glowing firefly costume wings! Featuring fairy lights that flash just like a real firefly in the night, and cotton canvas wings with shimmery gold detailing, this rad dress up costume will spark hours of enchantment.

Wizard Costume (Trending) 

Meri Meri Blue Velvet Wizard Costume at Design Life Kids

Blue Velvet Wizard Costume

Want a truly magical costume? Look no further than our wizard costume! The combination of luxurious blue velvet, with silver glitter fabric stars and moons, makes this costume very special. Simply wrap around the cape, pop on the hat, and wave the star topped wand, to transform into a wizard in seconds. 

Dinosaur Costume (Trending)

Meri Meri Dinosaur Costume at Design Life Kids

Dinosaur Costume

Prehistoric cuteness overload! Little paleontologists will adore this Dinosaur Dress Up set. The hooded jacket is crafted from metallic red and copper fabric. It has felt facial details and spikes sewn on the back. Perfect for lots of roaring good fun!

Bat Costumes (Trending)

Mini Rodini Bat Sleeve Sweatshirt at Design Life Kids

Bat Sleeve Sweatshirt

Mini Rodini Bat Winged Onesie at Design Life Kids

Bat Winged Onesie

We’re crazy a-bat these nocturnal pieces! The black sweatshirt is decorated with bat wings under the sleeves and an embroidered bat motif. Your kid will be living in it… it is that cozy and cool! Craft some bat ears from card stock and a headband to complete the look. For a more complete ensemble, the bat onesie has wings, attached bat ears, and an embroidered bat motif. Fang-tastic for Halloween! 

Shop Our Halloween Collection

Looking for more inspo? Our Halloween Collection has everything you need to get ready for spooky season. Costumes, decorations, and home decor from top brands such as Meri Meri, Ferm Living, Romey Loves Lulu, and more. 

Our team at DLK would love to see your little ones rocking their costumes this season. Share those special moments and tag us on Instagram using @designlifekids and #designlifekids. Happy Haunting!

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