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DLK Style Editorial: Kid & Play

DLK Style Editorial: Kid & Play

Design Life Kids is honored to be featured in lifestyle magazine and creative production studio, The Way We Play’s newest editorial. It’s a kid’s story by photographer Shannon Weight, Art Director and Stylist Jennifer Grasso, and models (Jennifer’s two beautiful kids), Shiloh and Jude. 

This shoot shows the connection between fashion and self… in this case, children. Children (like Shiloh and Jude) are extremely expressive, and they boldly do so through their voices, body movement, and clothes. All these factors, especially clothes, contribute to the development of their personality. Whether they choose to wear abstract patterns and printed outfits or a monochromatic outfit, or even a minimalist outfit, it is developing their skills of perception, problem solving, and self-expression. Which encourages building independence, cultural development, and strong character development. 

As something as simple as a piece of clothing, play also allows children to use their imagination, which is seen below. From laughing about something silly, to mimicking each other (we see you Shiloh and Jude with the apples, haha!) to stretching one’s sock out of shape, children learn best through play. Play creates powerful learning opportunities across all areas of development – intellectual, social, emotional and physical. Children, like Shiloh and Jude, learn to forge connections with others, build a wide range of leadership skills, develop resilience, navigate relationships and social challenges as well as conquer their fears. 

The Way We Play captured all of that and more with their story, Kid & Play.      

Featuring unique pieces from DLK’s Bobo Choses AW23, Fresh Dinosaurs AW23, Mini Rodini AW23, and Mini Rodini X Wrangler (Read more below).

It’s so cool seeing these collections come to life! 

DLK Style Editorial with models Shiloh and Jude.

Meteorito Jumper, Peace Dove Flared Denim Jeans

This playful moment, laying down together on the couch, is laid back and fun. Shiloh and Jude hold hands and laugh with big-framed glasses too big for their faces. 

 Design Life Kids Style Editorial: Kids & Play with Models Shiloh and Jude.

Stripe Panda Chef Apron, Chef Panda Woven Shirt, Wrangler Flared Denim Jeans, Chef Cat Socks

An apple a day keeps the doctor away… so they say. These two are seemingly mimicking each other (both in outfits, movements, and poses) and *not* not getting into mischief. Looking cute as can be in their Mini Rodini Stripe Panda Chef Aprons, Wrangler Flared Denim Jeans, and Chef Cat Socks.  

 Design Life Kids Style Editorial: Kids & Play with Models Shiloh and Jude.

Peace Dove Tie Dye Tee, Peace Dove Flared Denim Jeans, Checkerboard & Stripes Long Socks Set 

“Wait, stay there. Let me see how far I can strrrrreeetch your sock!”

Design Life Kids Style Editorial: Kid & Play with models Shiloh and Jude.

Checkered All Over Denim Pants, Party Time & Checkerboard Long Socks Set

Yes, Shiloh and Jude, we totally believe you baked that dough from scratch and are totally not just posing for a picture with it… LOL. 

Design Life Kids Style Editorial:  Kid & Play with models Shiloh and Jude.

Stripe Woven Blouse, Wrangler Flared Denim Jeans

Ah! The taste of fresh bread! This little sou chef is feeling all the feels!!

Design Life Kids Style Editorial with models Shiloh and Jude.

Smiling Cat All Over Long Socks 

Sitting upside down (and feeling the blood rush to their head) in this rustic living room setting. Why?... Because they can!

Design Life Kids Style Editorial with models Shiloh and Jude.

Smiling Cat All Over Long Socks

Hard at work or hardly working? You be the judge. Either way, they sure do look smart!

The Brands/Collections Behind The Shoot 

Each brand, in their own right, caters to children’s needs of independence, exploration, creativity, and uniqueness. 

DLK Style Editorial: Kid & Play

Bobo Choses 

Bobo Choses, renowned kid’s wear (and adult wear!) brand, creates cool sustainable kid’s fashion. Each clothing collection tells an inspiring story of its own, which comes to life through bold colors, cute prints, and comfortable garment shapes. Their newest AW23 collection, Up Is Down, features a fun imaginary upside-down world, where some crazy things may not seem so outlandish compared to our current world. Like colorful mice and smiling cats on long pink socks :) 

Fresh Dinosaurs 

Also featured, Fresh Dinosaurs is a super rad and quirky brand. Born on a small island, Mallorca, in the Balearic Islands surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea (coolest workplace ever!), with a spirit of playful discovery. FRESH evokes fun, innocence, happiness, and kindness. Meanwhile, DINOSAURS recalls the past, which, in turn, is relevant to our children’s present. Their AW23 collection is full of eccentric, easy to wear pieces featuring versatile designs for boys and girls alike. From super dope Alien graphics to Parisian prints, it’s truly unique. 

Mini Rodini

Mini Rodini is a Swedish children’s wear brand, founded as a tribute to all children, their imagination and sense that everything is possible. The brand takes children seriously with playfulness, meaning it is important that children have clothes that match their personality, mood and creativity. Chapter 1 is inspired by the culinary world and the likes of renowned chef, Julia Child as well as Salvador Dali’s surrealist approach to cooking. Chapter 2 has lots of cat, bat, and leopard prints! As a whole, the AW23 collection is a rich mix of colors, prints, and materials, perfect to wear year-round!

Mini Rodini X Wrangler 

Last, but not least, they did a collab with Wrangler, which has been an icon in authentic American style for 75 years. With a rich legacy rooted in the Western lifestyle, Wrangler is committed to offering superior quality and timeless design. Its collections for men, women, and children look and feel great, inspiring all those who wear them to be strong and ready for everyday life. Mini Rodini X Wrangler emphasizes simplicity, quality, and freedom with classic silhouettes of Wrangler. Long-lasting jeans and peace dove patches (inspired by John Lennon) are staples of this collection. Truly iconic!     


We’re not scared to mix and match brands and neither should you… So, wear your personal style loud and proud. We believe fashion has NO RULES. Check out our curated Kid & Play Editorial Brand Collection – Design Life Kids featuring these renowned, international brands! 

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