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Wooden Toy Pram

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$200.00 USD


This Toy Pram is just too cute for words. It is made entirely of wood, with the exception of the tiny tires on the wheels. It is extremely appropriate for all of the dolls, including stuffed toys and the favorite teddy bear. Add a tiny blanket and pillow, and you have yourself a cutest little bed on wheels ever seen.

Be warned ... you will be tempted to play with it, too. Black style doubles as a blackboard / chalkboard!

Wood - Includes 1
16.9" x 9.8" x 20"
25 cm x 43 cm x 51 cm


Ooh Noo is designed and produced by hand in Europe. When you purchase an ooh noobedding, you can be certain it was created the old school way: in a community of people, who create and sell these cute little things because they love to.