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Little Mermaid Neon Flex Light

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$200.00 USD



This multi-coloured LED flexible neon sign is mounted onto a clear acrylic backing which is cut out to shape.

This flexible neon sign has been finished with colored jackets to ensure that a colorful effect is captured even when the sign is off! Guaranteed to add a sweet splash of color to any setting.


Each sign is unique and made by hand, so please be aware that there might be subtle design differences from piece to piece. This does not mean the product is damaged.


Neon flex is an alternative to traditional glass neon which is made from a highly flexible LED rope light system which features high brightness LED's encompassed in a durable PVC jacket. This LED flexible neon lasts for up to 50,000 hours or 12 years of continuous use.

13.7" x 15.7" | 35cm x 40 x 2.5cm
Bright white, colored LED Neon Flex
Clear Acrylic backing cut to shape, around outer edges 
Wall mount hole and hook 
Transformer: External - 12V Australian Certified 
Power Cord: 1.5m of power cable which connects to a standard power plug 
USA adapter, For indoor use only 




Designed in Australia by long time friends, Sara and Helen who have a love for all things neon, design, interior styling and travel. Click to view more items by What She Said Co.