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Star Shower Comet Kite

$45.00 USD




Perfect for a lazy afternoon in the park, these kites fly high in a gentle breeze. Kite fabrics are screen printed by hand, then cut and assembled. Each kite is subtly unique and also includes kite string and flying instructions.


15" H x 112" W
Ripstop Nylon, removable hardwood (Birch) spars
White, Navy and Yellow
Made in America

Flies best with strong wind on a beach/hilltop
Adult assistance recommended


KITE TAILS:  sold separately. 2 tails suggested for this kite.

Function and beauty in one very long tail. Each signature 10-ft long tail helps stabilize kites in very strong winds, and are patchwork pieces made by using scrap nylon from the rest of our kite collection (making production nearly zero-waste). No two tails are the same, with vivid patterns scattered throughout.



120" long
Ripstop nylon, Brass
Brass grommet





A interdisciplinary design studio founded by Brooklyn architect Emily Fischer in 2009. Specializing in tactile and sensory design, our custom handmade objects and spaces are designed to playfully explore the sense of touch and feel. 


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