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Rolltop Pannier Backpack

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$125.00 USD



What's a pannier bag? 

pannier /ˈpæniər/ is a basket, bag, box, or similar container, carried in pairs either slung over the back of a beast of burden, or attached to the sides of a bicycle or motorcycle.

Waterproof bag roll top backpack that also attaches to pannier rack. This multifunctional bag is a backpack, bicycle pannier and can also be attached to a Brompton bicycle block. This is the ultimate cycling bag, diaper bag... the ultimate every bag.

This bag will become your pal, your best friend through thick and through thin. 

23.6" x 12.5" x 5.9" unrolled
16" x 12.5" 5.9" rolled up
waterproof nylon and rubberized zippers.
metal zippers



Designed in London. Goodordering is a small independent company run out of a flat on top of a bike shop in Hackney, East London founded by designer, Jacqui Ma. 

The brand name ‘Goodordering’ comes from the joy and satisfaction of ordering well at a restaurant. “Our family often went out for meals together and after a very satisfying meal, we would all call out ‘Good ordering!’ to mum. This brand incorporates all the values of family get-togethers and those captured moments of happiness. Click to view more items by Goodordering.