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New Norm Felt Basket Set

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Synthetic felt is perhaps a surprising material to choose for a bread basket. But there is a very common-sense method to the creative madness, as it results in a unique and convenient characteristic: The baskets are easy to wash in the dishwasher – so there is no danger of jam stains making a lasting mark. The food grade felt is lightweight, pleasant to the touch and a joy to use at the table. The simple Nordic design is true New Norm, with clean lines that provide a subdued and stylish interpretation of Nordic cosiness in a contemporary look.

The baskets are sewn with stitches in three discrete natural colors that match the rest of the products in the New Norm universe. The three sizes in the set fit many different situations and needs: use them for bread, chips and snacks, fruit, and other small items at the dinner table, parties, or just in your everyday life. Also works great as a tortilla basket.


6.9", 8.5", 9.8"
Baskets stack to 4.5" when fit inside each other
Synthetic felt



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