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Miss Annie & Miss Sofia Print 2-Pack

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The flutter of wings whispers in the otherwise noiseless skies above the magnificent bird palace. Its residents flying in and out, going about their daily business. The law of the land works as it always has, at the commands of chirping and bird song. In the palace sit two queens who are also the country’s decision makers, a cat owl and a sparrow, both extremely old and wise.

In the land of birds you are either born with wings or, quite simply, as a bird. Inhabitants reside in tower rooms or high up in the tree tops. Flying is the only way to get around. Individual Minimighettos born without wings are instead rewarded with enchanted gifts and inherit an honorable task in the bird palace.


Final Sale Item
7.08" x 9.44"

Limited edition
200g Munken Polar Rough Matte paper





Designed in Sweden.
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