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Little Tokyobike

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Modern with a vintage feel, these bikes will have eyes turning when your little one is cruising the streets, boardwalk and parks.


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Suggested ages 2-6
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*Pre-built from factory, however some assembly adjustments are required. We recommend having a professional bicycle shop assist and service.

LIfter - When out and about or at home, parents often have to lift and carry their child’s bike, so we designed a handle for easy carrying with only one hand. 
Handlebars - The handlebars have been designed for an upright, natural position, with the child’s arms tucked into their sides for stable steering. 
Tires - The Little Tokyobike has wide tires for stability when riding on rough surfaces and provides for an easy ride for beginners. 
Adjustable Saddle - The soft and comfortable saddle can be adjusted as your child grows, with a minimum saddle height of 49cm and a maximum height of 62cm.
Training Wheels - Every Little Tokyobike comes stock with training wheels to get your child up and riding quickly. The training wheels are removable as your child gets more comfortable riding and is in control of their balance. 
Brakes - Each bicycle is equipped with 2 brakes to ensure your child's safety - a front brake that is controlled by the hand and a classic coaster brake on the rear that is controlled with the feet. 

• Frame: Full Cr-Mo steel with an easy lift handle for your grownup
• Grips: perfect for little hands
• Handlebars: designed for upright riding
• Body Weight: 10 kg (22 lbs)
• Hand and Coaster Brakes
• Wheels & Tires: Silver rims and ivory tires (16 x 1.75HE)
• Height Adjustment: 49-62cm (19" - 24")
• Comes with training wheels



Tokyobike NYC


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