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Folk Candlestick Tray

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$40.00 USD


Modern, clean and beautiful candle stick holder with a big tray for your accessories.

6.4" x 4.1" x 3.6"
Lacquered zinc

Danish designer Simon Legald has designed a range of timeless candle holders for Normann Copenhagen made to be combined in many ways. The range consists of four different candle holders and a tray with a simple, minimalistic feel. The silhouettes, which are neither round nor square, give the Folk range their character and own unique expression.

Simon Legald's design is, among other things, characterised by his carefully thought out attention to detail. He has worked on the shapes, sizes and edges of Folk, so that the small candle holders fit perfectly into the trays. The asymmetric positioning of the sticks on the base is a discreet detail that makes the design more dynamic to look at.

Simon Legald explains: ”I wanted to create a little family of cohesive products. Each candle holder should have its own expression but share the same DNA. It was important for the different pieces to be able to function by themselves as well as together with the other candle holders in the set.”