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Dinos Removable Coloring Rolls

by OMY
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$32.00 USD


This adhesive paper roll can be cut, glued and peeled off to personalize and decorate your interior, furniture and objects. It's repositionable and can be easily removed without leaving a trace! Stick-it rolls are designed for temporary use and are not as durable over time as wallpaper.

For optimal use: best when applied to smooth, non-porous surfaces, such as kitchen furniture, melamine furniture, cupboard doors, refrigerators, desks, certain types of walls, storage boxes, placemats, etc. in non-humid rooms with ambient temperatures that are not too cold or too hot.

As with any roll, the last 15/20cm are often glued to the cardboard tube and are therefore more difficult to unroll or cut.

1 printed roll
16 feet x 1 foot
100% FSC paper Water-based adhesive
Made in Germany