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Cacoon Hanging Chair - Bonsai

by Cacoon
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$240.00 USD



The raddest outdoor hanging chair designed with kids and kid sizes in mind. This single child hanging chair is ideally sized for 1 (one) kid stretched out with one opening in the front. Designed to hold your favorite person indoors and outdoors.  Add our tripod mount for easy set up or hang under your favorite tree. Accessories sold separately.


3.9" diameter
Anodized aluminum
35% cotton | 65% polyester
Water repellent, anti mold, UV protected
Includes nylon rope/carabiner hanging system

Minimum diameter space required: 4.3" - 6.2" diameter
Hanging space height required: 7.4" - 8.2"
Max weight load: 440 lbs | 200 kg 

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During a jungle trek in Mexico, husband and wife design team, Nick and Sarah came across a colony of tiny hanging nests; safe little bolt-holes created by the Weaver bird. They were both immediately struck by their unique beauty; they were so peaceful.

A long flight home and months of design, iteration and rigorous testing later, the interpretation was complete; the Cacoon. Just like the Weaver bird, you too can hide away, sheltered and cocooned, but still in touch with your surroundings.