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How To Celebrate Hanukkah At Home

From menorah lighting to latkes. (

Hanukkah Celebration at Design Life Kids

Although it often falls around the same time of year, Hanukkah is not the Jewish equivalent of Christmas. This annual celebration commemorates the successful revolt led by the Maccabees (the heroes of Hanukkah) against their Syrian-Greek oppressors, and the rededication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem. There, the Jewish worshipers witnessed what they believed to be a miracle: a small amount of oil that should have lasted only one day burned for eight days, giving them enough time to procure more. This wondrous event inspired the Jewish sages to proclaim a yearly eight-day festival, symbolizing the divine intervention and preservation of the Jewish faith.   

Today, Hanukkah (also known as the Festival of Lights) is a joyous occasion when friends and family gather to celebrate the triumph of light over darkness by lighting candles for eight nights and partaking in festive rituals and customs.

 Lighting The Menorah

Child lighting menorah at Design Life Kids

The most important part of Hanukkah is kindling the lights of the menorah, a nine-branch candelabra that represents the lamp (and the miracle) from the Hanukkah story told in Talmud, a book of Jewish religious teachings. These lights, which can either be candles or tiny oil cups with floating wicks, grow in strength during the eight days of Hanukkah, with the addition of one candle or lighted wick each night. 

Fun fact: There are nine branches on a menorah because the one at the center is intended to hold the shamash, the “attendant” candle that is used to light the other candles. This candle is always lit because it is forbidden to use the Hanukkah lights for any practical reason. This way, if a candle is needed, the shamash is available for use, preserving the sanctity of the mitzvah lights. 

In some homes, the head of the household lights the menorah while everyone else listens to the blessings and answers “Amen.” In many others, each member of the family, including the children, lights his or her own menorah. Either way, everyone should be present and involved when the Hanukkah miracle is festively commemorated. 

Since you’re going to light the menorah for eight consecutive nights, it’s understandable to want a stylish option to have on display. Our team has specially curated selections for you this Hanukkah season. From concrete, cast iron, and ceramic options, you can’t go wrong with any of our modern menorahs – just consider who will be using it and where it will go. 

Pretti Cool Terrazzo Concrete Menorah at Design Life Kids
Terrazzo Concrete Menorah

An absolutely stunning and unique menorah. Modern and suited for all decor styles, this candle holder is individually hand cast. Colors are integrally mixed into the concrete and results in each piece being unique. An incredibly special piece of art for your home.

Areaware Modern Menorah at Design Life Kids

Modern Menorah

Everything’s light and bright with our favorite menorah. Made of solid cast iron, featuring an incorporated plate which catches the drippings from candles and provides a safe resting place for a used match while it is still hot. The weight gives it a sense of solidity and self-worth, like a trusted tool that can stand the test of time. 

Super Smalls Hanukkah Menorah Craft Kit at Design Life Kids

Hanukkah Menorah Craft Kit

Why not get your children involved? This Super Smalls DIY Menorah activity set includes a ceramic menorah, jeweled stickers, an activity booklet, paint, and a paintbrush. They can play, paint, and celebrate with this holiday-inspired craft kit. A super fun way to participate and let their artistic side shine. 

Pro-Tip: Don’t forget to stock up on candles and matches! 

If you are in need of some, we have Slim Candles with Colored Wicks and Dusen Dusen Taper Candle Sets – to add a bit of joy to your tabletop. We also have everything you need to keep those candles lit. Check out our Fire Matchbox, Hygge Scented Matches, Esterhazy Luxury Scented Matches, and Match Striker for all your quality lighting essentials.

Reciting Blessings 

There are two to three Hebrew blessings recited before the Hanukkah candles are lit, depending on the day. The first two blessings affirm the commandment to kindle the menorah and recall the Hanukkah miracle. An additional blessing is said on the first night in most Jewish homes, which thank God for enabling one to be alive for the celebration. Here are the traditional blessings for lighting the candles. 

Following candle lighting, it is customary to recite Haneirot Hallalu to declare the candles are holy and that their sole purpose is to commemorate the events of Hanukkah. Unlike Shabbat candles, they may not be used as a source of light. 

Playing Dreidel

A dreidel is a tiny spinning top, inscribed with Hebrew letters on its four sides, and it’s used to play the traditional Hanukkah game with the same name. The game dates back to the second century BCE when King Antiochus IV had outlawed Jewish worship. Jews who gathered to study the Torah would play dreidel to fool soldiers into thinking they were just gambling. Today, it’s played to win a stash of gelt (chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil) or other small objects. 

Learn how to play the basic dreidel game, so you can take part in this holiday tradition. 

Enjoying Sweet Treats

Hanukkah food at Design Life Kids

One of the best parts of the season is all the special Hanukkah foods —  from potato latkes to jelly donuts to kugel. We just want to eat them all and you will too. If you’re looking for Hanukkah recipes, here are several options for eight nights of deliciousness. 

Although we do not have traditional Hanukkah foods, we still have tasty treats that are dreidel pot worthy. Like our Salty Sweet Cotton Candy or our Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy — full of flavor and so so good. Whatever you are craving, we have got you covered! 

Giving Gifts

Historically, gelt was the only gift given at Hanukkah — either in the form of small amounts of money or chocolate coins, which are often put into the dreidel pot (if they’re not gobbled up first). That said, this tradition has emerged in the United States as a central gift-giving time for Jews, in response to the lavish consumerism and proximity of Christmas. Some families have chosen to include nightly gift exchanges in their Hanukkah celebrations, while others compromise and give coins to stay closer to the authentic holiday tradition. 

If you or someone you know is planning on celebrating Hanukkah this year, we have a few gift ideas to make the season extra special. 

Midrash Hanukkah Splatter Paint Pajama Set at Design Life Kids

Hanukkah Splatter Paint Pajama Set

We have sizes for everyone, so the whole family can match! 

These fun, splatter paint Hanukkah Pajamas are totally out there! Bright and colorful, featuring dreidels, menorahs, and the Star of David, our newest jammies are ready to party like it’s the ’90s. Wear your festive pajamas from candle lighting (don’t worry, they're fire resistant!) to bedtime, or hang out in them while you listen to your favorite Hanukkah tunes on cassette.

Pipsticks Hanukkah Sticker Set at Design Life Kids

Hanukkah Sticker Set

PipStickers are the perfect gift for the sticker lover in your life - even if it's you! These unique PVC designs with silver glitter foil accents come on a clear backing and cannot be found anywhere else. Includes 1 sheet of each shown. Super cute and fun!

Dreidel Snow Globe and Suzy Ultman Hanukkah Dreidel Card at Design Life Kids

Dreidel Snow Globe, Hanukkah Dreidel Card

Delight in the magic of 3 exquisite dreidels bathed in the golden light of the Hanukkah candles. The dreidels, each intricate and unique (the medium sized one is transparent!), rest on a gorgeous traditional patterned tapestry. A game of spinning tops, the rewards are chocolate coins covered in gold. This snow globe makes for a stunning decor piece and is a special symbol of the holiday.

Pair it with our beautiful Hanukkah Dreidel Card designed by artist, Suzy Ultman, to send blessings and well-wishes for the season.

Hopscotch Hanukkah Sidewalk Chalk Set at Design Life Kids

Hanukkah Sidewalk Chalk Set

This sweet set of sidewalk chalk includes four sparkly, sprinkled pieces that are handmade and unlike any other we've come across. Designed to spark your inner fantastical imagination and makes for a super unique gift! Packaged in a lovely little gift box. Collect them all... they are addicting!

Super Smalls Make It Hanukkah Mini Bead Kit at Design Life Kids

Make It Hanukkah Mini Bead Kit

This kit has enough sparkle and magic to fill all 8 days and nights!

It's time to celebrate with the Make It Hanukkah Mini Bead Kit! It's the perfect way to show your holiday spirit this season – with beads and charms overflowing with extra special meanings. Charms include a Chai to symbolize life and the good things to come, a Star of David to symbolize Jewish pride and identity and a Hamsa for hope, peace and protection.

We also have a Super Hanukkah Bundle, which includes this bracelet kit and the best-selling menorah craft kit (shown above), so your kid can really let their artistic side shine!

Dabble & Dollop Bubble Box at Design Life KidsHanukkah Bubble Box 

Celebrate Hanukkah with the traditional colors of the holiday - blue and white - plus Yellow - symbolizing the flames of the Menorah candles. Mix our Blueberry and Lemon Gels with our Vanilla Whip to create 7 unique scent and texture combinations! Feel the warmth of freshly baked blueberry bundt cake, refresh with lemon curd & cream, or mix all three together for a fruit smoothie that will remind you of the bright days of Summer.

Shop Our Christmas and Hanukkah Collection

Celebrate this festive eight-day holiday by treating yourself or someone you love. Our Hanukkah and Passover Collection has tons of unique decor, crafts, toys, gift bundles, and more. Let us know what your favorites are and be sure to tag us on Instagram @designlifekids and #designlifekids

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