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Bobo Choses Up Is Down Kids AW23 Collection

Get ready to enter a world where the extraordinary becomes the norm with new cool fits at DLK (

About Bobo Choses

Once upon a time there was a clothing brand that spoke the language of children…

Bobo Choses was born in 2008. Since then, they have formed special bonds between adults and children, creating imaginary worlds for kids to explore their creativity, play, and enjoy life. Their products and services allow children and parents to escape the monster of everyday routine. From fun clothes and accessories to crazy children's books that give meaning to their collections or beautiful homeware that lifts your feet off the ground (they really do it all!). 

We are so excited to share the latest collection from Bobo Choses! 

Introducing… Bobo Choses Up Is Down Kids AW23 Collection

Big Flower Jacquard Bomber Jacket

We’re just loving all the fun characters and prints of the AW23 collection – Rubber Duck, Mouse, Smiling Cat, and more! Each design comes to life in vivid seasonal hues, blending playfulness with style, and hinting at the world of Up-is-Down. 

The Bobo Choses Kids AW23 Collection defies conventions… reflecting the unexpected charm of an upside-down world. From their Color Block Padded Anorak to their Checker All Over Denim Pants and Mouse All Over Long Socks, every piece is a ticket to their whimsical world. Soft, comfortable, and sustainably crafted, these styles allow for the endless play and magic. 

But here’s the best part… a lot of the outerwear and accessories can be worn several ways, adjusted to your liking. For example, the puffers transition to padded vests featuring pockets and hidden hoods. The reversible jacket features a brown (oh so soft) sherpa with a blue piping design on one side and a blue cotton design on the other. The collection even has gloves with mouse designs (that match our new backpack) and mittens with removable tops for dexterity. How cool is that?! We can’t get enough of the attention to detail and style duality!

Our Favorite Pieces

Mouse All Over Padded Anorak     

Big Flower All Over Sweatshirt, Retro Flower All Over Skirt

BC Technic Chapka, Mouse All Over Jacquard Jumper

Mouse All Over Leggings

Sparkle All Over Jogging Pant

Color Block Chapka

Up Is Down Hooded Sweatshirt, BC Colored Fingers Knit Gloves  

Why We Love Bobo Choses 

DLK always looks forward to curating a selection from each of Bobo Choses’ collections and we’re proud to see how they have transformed their brand and style in the fashion industry. Their pieces are versatile and cutting-edge, crafted with an assortment of high-quality, sustainable fabrics, bringing comfort, functionality, and style to your everyday life. Even in their Up Is Down world, their commitment to sustainability never wavers, which is something we take very seriously. We love showcasing brands that truly care about the planet and the impact of environmentally conscious practices. 

Discover early-season Winter pieces and the magic of a world where up is down and impossible is possible. The Bobo Choses Kids Fall Winter 2023 - Up Is Down Collection is full of rad styles, giving a beautifully chic, modern, and vibrant look. 

Share your favorites and tag on us Instagram using @designlifekids and #designlifekids.  

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