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Monochrome Numbers Flash Card Set

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$40.00 USD


Your child will develop their confidence in numbers, so much so that they will be counting up to 20. They will have mastered the basics and will be focusing on numbers 0-20!

In this pack, you will receive 50 double-sided Montessori style learning cards. Two sets of numbers from 0-20. On the reverse (of one set) are the corresponding number of dots and, on the other set are the respective words (‘one’, ‘eleven’ etc) for spelling and association.

The pack also contains an additional plus, minus, times, divide, and equals symbol,
providing longevity of learning by helping to create simple sums. Included is a single card with all numbers from 1 up to 20 with the corresponding dots and words, as well as a helpful activity card!

50 double sided cards
FSC durable paper stock, matte laminated finish
100% Eco-friendly plant-based ink
Manufactured from renewable sources
Designed in the U.K.