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Two years ago today I opened DLK. I was happy, sad, excited, terrified. I had just lost my husband three months prior and decided to start a business. I can recall the night before wondering - WHAT AM I DOING? Was I ready for this? Why would I take on business after the craziness our families had just endured? Then I saw his face in my head, smiling. The look he would give me, because he knew, I knew. We all knew. Because I had to. It's just what I do. I dream, I take on, I try. Sometimes it leads a failure and sometimes something beautiful comes out of it. Regardless, I'm happy, because I tried.


We all grieve in different ways and we know deep down inside what way is the best for us. For me, it was to engulf myself in something else I could love and already did love. I knew I had to take that restless energy and do something with it. Scott and I had tossed around the idea of something like DLK. I love modern decor, I love my kids and I love mixing the two together, but I NEVER thought DLK would look like this today. Without his loss and this insane life experience, who knows what I would be doing today, but I live each day without regret.


These last 2 years have just been incredible. I am forever grateful for this opportunity to seek out a dream, to be able to search the world for beautiful pieces, work with amazing dreamers who create them and wake up each morning ready to ship out packages like little gifts. Do something for you everyday. It may fail, it may succeed, but do it for you and feel proud about it no matter the outcome. Life is too short and too beautiful despite what it throws at you. 


Thank you to everyone who supported us yesterday, support us today and stick with us tomorrow. I am forever grateful.


Find the beauty in every day.  



  • Katy: January 12, 2017


    How beautiful. I am divorced with one daughter.
    A psychologist, I always marvel at who makes something out of loss, something more beautiful, and who becomes broken and bitter.


  • Natalie Vo: December 09, 2016

    You inspire me Kim. The love that you put into scouting the pieces for DLK resonates.

  • Kelsey : November 11, 2016

    What an amazing inspiring story. You had such strength to live out this dream so soon after a loss. I’m sure there are still moments of grieving as it is quite the journey, but reading this brought tears to my eyes! Beautiful.

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