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My goal as a parent is to make my son's days enjoyable and fulfilling. With that in mind, I like to incorporate art along with nature and allow him to use his imagination. It is very challenging at times to seek entertaining ideas to keep him busy without quick loss of interest. Most times, the best tools available for these tasks are the simplest objects found around the house. This leaves me with the question on how to best utilize these items for the ideas in mind. When it comes to exploring his imagination, I believe anything is possible regardless of the difficulty involved, because the results are so gratifying.

I dislike using strong and bright colors as well as overwhelming him with an unnecessary array of items. My goal is to be effective with a basic setup and transform it into a pleasant work of art. I will share some of these simple ideas and show my art mural with my past successful projects that I keep for good memories.

We all have some sort of favorite animal and kids are no different. Usually, we are unable to show them these animals in real life, but we can create them in art form and play along as they please. This brings me to my next project inspired by bears, whose eye catching cuddly looks appeal to my son very much. With a pair of scissors, paint, and some cotton balls I was able to create something nice.




- Nomess Spring Scissors
- Two black cardstock paper sheets
- Glue stick
- Cotton balls
- White colored pencil


  1. Sketch a bear form on a black sheet of paper with the white colored pencil. It does not have to be perfect.
    2. Add glue evenly inside the sketch.
    3. Fill in sketch with cotton balls, the amount used is optional. You can create a small mound of cotton in the center area to mold a nose like surface.
    4. Using the scissors, cut a pair of circles and an imperfect shaped heart from the second sheet of paper to form the eyes and the nose.
    5. Apply glue and attach the eyes and nose on top of the cotton.




- Water based white paint
- Plastic fork
- Two black cardstock paper sheets
- One white cardstock paper sheet
- Glue stick
- Black permanent marker



  1. Pour some white paint inside a cup.
    2. Using the plastic fork, spread the paint on the black cardstock paper to create string patterns until an oval shape is formed. Be sure to spread the paint well in order to create well defined lines from the fork.
    3. Allow the paint to dry for a few minutes. In the meantime, use the scissors to cut out two circles from the white sheet of paper.
    4. Cut out two circles from the black sheet of paper. These circles have to be cut bigger than the white circles in the previous step.
    5. Cut out three semi circular shapes from the black sheet of paper. These shapes will form the ears and nose.
    6. To form the eyes, use the glue stick to attach the two black circles and then the two white circles in the center of the black circles. Also, attach the nose and ears using the semi circular shapes.
    7. Using a black marker, add a dot to the center of each eyeball.

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